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NEW Crochet Kitty Cat Amigurumi Pattern!

Introducing a NEW crochet pattern from Catzilla Crafts:

The Tangerine Amigurumi Kitty Cat!  Make your very own shy kitty that loves to hide in food and other household objects. 

More kitties are going to pop up soon in different food, so please keep checking back for new patterns!

Available for purchase via Ravelry.comand etsy.com



It is so drafty in my apartment I can actually feel the breeze.  I'm going to sew an air conditioner cozy cause I think that's where the draft is coming from. . .

Hmm I wonder how I'll go about making it.  This should be entertaining.


Finally my crochet patterns are now available on Ravelry.com, a wonderful site dedicated to knit and crochet patterns.

I just listed them and they already have tons of hearts and hits on etsy!

My goal in the near future is to make more patterns. If only there was more time in the day...

Please check it out!


I made a Livejournal account, and a new cactus today.  Oh, and I got another job this morning.  Very productive day indeed!

Please add me as a friend if you like what you see in my shop!  I'd love to make something out of this livejournal page and meet new people. :)

Introducing for the first time: 
The Tall & Fuzzy Crochet Cactus

Available at catzillacrafts.etsy.com for only $12.  This cactus is handmade from super fuzzy and limited yarn I found at a moving sale.  So get yours now before he's gone forever!  There are TONS of other varies of crochet cacti available at the shop.  Please take a look!

Crochet Cacti are perfect for offices, porches, kitchens, and pet friendly houses.  No more having to remember watering plants for you!  And even though cacti only need watering once a month, I still manage to forget about mine.  Makes the perfect gift for the Black Thumb Gardener such as myself. :)